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Why G-Textile
China is the world’s largest textile and apparel producer and exporter. Since the pandemic, China has become the first country that fully resumed to work. A large number of foreign orders for textile products has come to China. But not all brands are of very good quality. With more than 10 years of experience, Hoer Expo has been committed to the organization of China Pavilion in many international industry exhibitions with the support of high-quality data base of Chinese manufacturers. We have received a lot of textile products inquiries from international buyers, such as towels, bedding, women's clothing, etc. The buyers found new suppliers online but they have doubts because they are not able to visit the factories onsite. Hoer Expo has organized a series of online events, and are prepared to match the Chinese textile companies with international buyers. Let us match you with your targeted partners!
Product Category

1. Clothing area: including all kinds of women's clothing, men's clothing, baby clothing, fashion bags, wedding and evening wear, suits, youth casual clothing, underwear, swimwear, scarves, socks, gloves, hats, shawls, ties, clothing printing, belts, Belts, etc.;

2. Home textile area: bedding, home furnishing fabrics and fabrics, bathroom textiles, kitchen textiles, home accessories, etc.;

3. Fabrics and raw materials: all kinds of clothing fabrics, linings and interlinings; household fabrics and decorative fabrics; accessories for the clothing industry (buttons, zippers, velcro, lace, etc.); textile chemical dyes, auxiliaries;

4. Anti-epidemic area: anti-epidemic masks, protective clothing, goggles, protective masks, medical gloves, alcohol wet tissues, sterilization lamps, ventilators, temperature guns, anti-epidemic drugs, health foods, antibacterial food, sterilization equipment, mask materials And related supporting equipment such as automatic mask machine;

Why Choose Us

Workflow of G-Textile 2021

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