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Why China Import Virtual Exhibition?

Global exhibitions are postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic. China is one of the countries that recovered. Chinese exhibitions have been restored to vitality;The resumption of work makes Chinese market energetic and dynamic again with more opportunities. With the rapid development of China's economy. Chinese consumers improve the recognition to the imported food, and the consumption of it has become a normalization.

The source of China's imported food has risen to more than 170 countries and regions, and the gross of imported food is in excess of US$70 billion.

The population is approximately 1.4 billion in China. To expand excellent opportunities for the development of your products in the market with China's domestic cycle economy system and proposing policies to stimulate domestic demand, and stimulating consumption of Chinese and prospering the domestic economy.

Why China Import Virtual Exhibition?

As pandemic continues its spread worldwide, you are not able to travel to China. But how great the potential Chinese market is as you know, do not miss it. Also, we will convene professional buyers in China by five hybrid exhibitions as the China's most influential food industries.

China is open and inclusive to the international market, creating a better business environment.
No time and space limit, online exhibition offers you high ROI solution.
Online B2B matchmaking one by one.

How to participate in the exhibition
With Fairsroom platform for instant communication.
Visitors from
We will invite professional buyers for you at the five most well-known offline exhibitions in China. Your full product information will be uploaded online. You will be connected with any interested buyers through our online platform.
The gross of show area in each offline exhibition
can reach 200,000+sqm, together with 123,000+ professional visitors and4,500+invitation will
be circulated in every offline exhibition for more leads to our online platform.

Planning for promotion in China’s 20+ Industrial exhibition with 100,000+ invitation to all companies within to promote our import online show.

Based on your product application, we will do promotion to China’s top 20 industrial associations and 60+ industrial bases. All potential buyers will match with you from our online platform.

Functions of Virtual Platform

Your booth will be presented in floorplan and highlighted when visitor is searching your product,Exhibitor can choose different size of booth to show their brand.

A username and password will be allotted to upload your video, product pictures and the product manual.

Exhibit profile

Drinks & Beverages & Coffee

Food & Baking & Cereals & Oils

Dairy Products & Meat Products

Catering  & Condiments Additives & ingredients

Food preservation & freezing & refrigeration
Packaging & processing machinery

Value-added Service
1. We can spread your flyers, collect customer cards and requirements on behalf of you via offline show in Food field.

2. Your company info will be included in our digital and paper catalogue. After the online show, we will circulate your brochures in other related shows in China.

3. Your products can be presented in our ITRADE B2B platform for one year

4. Will approach your targeted Chinese buyers on your behalf. (charged service)

Media Partner
400 900 7518

Beijing:Room 901,Building 3, No. 150, Guanzhuang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
Hangzhou:Room 708, Eastern  International  Business  Center, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China。
Hebei:Room 9A07, Ziyou Masion, No.338, West Heping Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei.
Huzhou:Room 2103, block B, Fortune building, 103 Hangchangqiao North Road, Wuxing District, Huzhou
Xi'An Branch:Room 803,Building B, MAX Future, Fengcheng 5 Road, Weiyang District, Xi'An City, Shanxi.
Beijing:0086 -10 -56705711       Zhejiang:0086 -571- 88966208
Hebei:0086 -18931853118          Huzhou: 0086 -572 -2051115
Xi'An:0086 -17719596140